Testosterone is a sex hormone (androgen), which is produced by both men and women. For men testosterone plays an essential role in life, as it is responsible for red cell production, fat distribution, sperm production and sex drive.

What are the reasons for my levels to change?

On average men have a high level of testosterone, which naturally drops with age. However, there are also other reasons for your levels to be low, which include being overweight, having liver or kidney disease and alcoholism. In men, testicular tumours can also cause high levels of testosterone.

When should I get tested?

You should consider getting tested if you are experiencing symptoms such as:
Women can also have similar symptoms, but it is more difficult to detect lower testosterone levels as their hormones fluctuate frequently.

What is being tested:

A simple blood test can reveal the total amount of testosterone in your blood. Testosterone levels fluctuate during the day, however, as they are usually the highest in the morning, we require you to take the sample in early in the day to guarantee accurate results.